About us

The San Marino Pro Bodybuilding show wascreated in 2014, taking on Italianterritory for the first time in over a decade!

Thiseventoffers auniqueopportunity forItalian and Europeanathletes, coaches, fans and consummers. Italsooffersprivilegedaccess to the best supplements, industryidols and sportswear brands.

Now in its 4th edition, the San Marino Pro Show, organized by “Gian Enrico Pica Promoter” and V PowerS.p.Ahasbeenestablishedas an eventloved by both the Italian public, and the widerinternational bodybuilding and fitness community. In fact, in 2017 the San Marino Pro Show became a record show!

Mr Olympia Amatuer and the San Marino Pro Show were the first competitions in Europe to have an entire American judging panel. The samejudging panel asfoundat the MrOylmpiaCompetition in Las Vegas USA. Bothcompetitionswerefollowed online with over 3000 people streaming live, and over 71,000 connected online via social media. The competitionwasalsocompletelysold out of spectatortickets with 2,200 ticketssold!

Thesecompetitionsalsohad a record number of athletesregisteredasEuropeanlevel. With asmanyas 371 amateur competitors, and 75 IFBB Professionals from all over the globe! Wehad over 50 countriesrepresented. To complete the record numbers of this show, therewere over 15,000 visitors to the expo whovisited the 30 exhibitionbooths over the threedays and attended free seminarsheld by professionalathletes and sportsdoctors. In the 2017 editionitwaspossible to talk and take photographs with a variety of top athletes, including: Kai Greene, Big Ramy, FlexWheeler, Dennis James, ShawnRay, LarissaReis, Victor Martinez, Anton Antipov, Nathan De Asha, and manyother International athletes.

Today the San Marino Probecomessomethingevenbigger… Itis no longer just a competition, the website becomes the home of all the Europeanevents of the IFBB Professional League and the IFBB Pro Qualifiers.